Friday, 23 April 2010


You folks don't half get yourselves into some scrapes when picking your leaders!

A certain baby faced individual called Nick Clegg performed well in a couple of T.V. debates and now, all of a sudden, he is the "Great White Hope".

Performed well? Let's not get carried away (although many of you seemed to have).Basically, he performed as well as Wally The Seal when he manages to keep that big coloured beach ball balanced on the end of his nose for a few minutes.

I can understand letting T.V. advise you on which soap powder to buy, but choosing a leader for you...........

I live in a circus and see madness up close and personal on a daily basis but choosing a leader that way is just......well madness!

I know that I am just a jelly bean munching, toffee apple chewing circus performer with questionable personal habits and none of it is any of my business anyway, but baby face wants to let 58,000 criminals out of jail to paint fences, tidy up gardens and help old ladies over the road. He wants to give up the good old pound to join the crumbling euro and he even favours a law that would give drunks the "right" to demand that the driver stops the bus to let them off wherever they please. Grrrrrr!!!!!!! To add insult to injury he is annoyed at you for being glad that Britain was on the winning side in World War11. What would he be doing now if you'd lost it?

Anyway, what can you expect from a party that managed to find a home for that mad bat Sarah Teather?

By the way, am I the only one that's noticed Cleggie's remarkable resemblance to Private Pike in Dad's Army?

Altogether now.............stuuuupid boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!