Monday, 16 March 2009


As we travelled on through that seemingly endless night I drifted in and out of a fitful sleep.

When I slept I had terrible dreams which I can't begin to describe, except to say that they were dreams of fear and foreboding about this strange new world into which I had been so recently propelled.

When I woke I saw, more vividly than in any dream, that old, civilized world from which I had just been wrenched. It was a good world - and a kind one. No-one is left out in our world. There is a place for everyone and we don't fill folk full of neurosis just to claim the credit for making them well again as you humans do with all those articles in your newspapers about eating too much or eating too little or asking if you are actually in the right job, or the wrong one, or whether you are getting enough sex or too little etc etc etc.

Maybe we didn't invent the wheel or the steam engine, but then again we didn't invent the atom bomb or Reality T.V. either.

Just as I lay with a picture in my head of dawn coming up over my own dear world, I became aware of a light in the sky in the world that I now, reluctantly, inhabited.

It wasn't dawn, though, but what looked like a long line of gaudily coloured lights strung high up in the sky somewhere near the horizon.

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