Monday, 23 March 2009


While we all wait anxiously to hear of Marcel's fate, may we, at circusmonkeysmirror, take this opportunity to inform you of our new regular feature - Stromboli's "Aunt Sally"?

If there is something about life to-day, or a particular politician or public figure that really makes you "see red" we invite you to get it all "of your chest".

All you have to do is sit, breathe deeply, (sometimes putting your head between your knees helps) compose yourself and then compose your epistle and then email it to

No more than five hundred words please and as much wit as you can muster. No bad language (as if you would) and no libel or slander. I don't have the temperament for court appearances - and the paperwork!

We'd like to hear North American, Commonwealth and European rants too - as long as they are in English

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